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Frequently Asked Questions

About Travel SMTP:
► What is the maximum size for an email attachment?
The maximum size of an email (including attachments) that can be sent is 30 MB.
► What happens if the maximum data limit is reached?
Although it rarely happens, it is possible if you send out a lot of emails (for example for companies newsletters) your data traffic limit is reached at a ccertain point. Your account will never be abrubtly blocked though and you will still be able to send out emails for a short period of time. You will automatically receive a notification from us when your limit is almost reached. You can then choose to either upgrade your datatraffic, or to freeze your account.
► Will there be an "On behalf of" header in the From field? 
► How can I avoid Gmail users seeing "Via" when I send them email?
► My ISP is blocking everything, how can I still send out email?
► I forgot my password...
You can request your password by clicking on the "Login" link on the upper right of the screen. From there, click on the link "I forgot my username and password". Enter an email address that is registered by us and you will receive your account details on that e-mail address.

Technical questions and problems:
► I am in a foreign country and all of the sudden I cannot send out email anymore
Please check if communication to ports 587 and 2525 are blocked; click on the following links and check what message you get in your browser:

► Port 587 check
► Port 2525 check

Whenever you see a message like this:

220 ESMTP Postfix 221 x.x.x Error: I can break rules, too. Goodbye.

it means the that particular port number is not blocked; in that case the problem is for 100% certain do to a wrong configuration in your email software settings. Check your settings using the corresponding tutorial for your email software.
In case you do not see the message for both ports, then both ports are being blocked by the ISP in that country. In that case, you must use the anti-firewall setup; change the smtp server address and port number for your account in the configuration of your email software to one of the following options:

Server address: Port number: Encryption: 80 STARTTLS or plain connection 443 SSL

Port numbers 80 (http) and 443 (https) are used for regular internet traffic (visiting websites). Our mail servers on these ports will act like they are a webserver, so your firewall will think you're visiting a website instead of sending email. This way, you will always be able to send email.
► I cannot send email from iphone / blackberry, can I use Travel SMTP?
With Travel SMTP you can always send email using your smartphone, even on public Wifi-spots and from hotels.
► I have installed Travel SMTP and I get an error message: "Client host rejected: Access denied".
This message is being send by the Travel SMTP server whenever youw email software tries to send email without using a username and password, or whenever it uses an incorrect username and/or password. Please check the following:

  • Check if your email software is configured to use login verification (username and password) for the outgoing SMTP server.

  • Check if you entered the correct login credentials for the outgoing SMTP server.

  • Make sure that the login credentials you entered in your email software, exactly match the login information you received from Travel SMTP. Sometimes, whenever you try to copy / paste your password directly from the email you received from us, it also copies a space character in the end. This will of course result in failed login attempts. Also, your password is case sensitive.
► I'm getting a timeout message or my emails stay stuck in my Outbox folder.
The reason for this can be one of the following:

  • You have configured your email software to use a SSL or (START)TLS connection, but you are using the wrong port number. Only ports 465 and 443 are being used by SSL. For (START)TLS you can use ports 587, 2525 or 80. Please check the manual for your email software to see what the possible configurations, server addresses and their corresponding port numbers and encryption options.

  • It is possible you are behind a firewall who is blocking communication from you to the SMTP. In that case you must switch to one of our "anti-firewall" configuration options, as described in the manuals.
► What is the difference between SSL and TLS?
Both SSL and TLS are encrypted connections; instead of sending your emails in plain text over the internet, the data is encrypted in such a way that your email traffic between you and the SMTP server is unreadable for others execpt the receiver of your email. With a SSL connection the communication will be encrypted by your email software right from the start. With a TLS (STARTTLS) connection there is a sort of a handshake first to negotiate what type of encryption to use, which is in plain text. The email software will then wait for the SMTP server to reply. In case where none of the encryption methods is supported by both parties, your email software can then still decide to switch to a plain connection. With SSL this is not possible. Although both SSL and STARTTLS encrypt the login procedure and the email itself, they can not be used both at the same time; a SSL configured SMTP server can't communicate to a STARTTLS configurerd email client and the other way around. You will receive a "timeout" if you try anyway.

► What does SMTP mean?