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How can I avoid Gmail users seeing "Via"
when I send them email?

The "via" message in Gmail Inbox accounts is shown when a SPF check has failed. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an email validation system designed to prevent email spam.

When you have your own domain, you need to add SPF records in the DNS zone for your domain. Once the SPF records are added, Gmail will no longer show "via" for emails sent by Travel SMTP.

Most webhosting companies provide a DNS management tool in the control panel you use to manage your domain. A typical SPF record contains 2 records of the types TXT and SPF:

@  IN  TXT  "v=spf1 mx ?all"
@  IN  SPF  "v=spf1 mx ?all"

For more detailed information on how to add SPF records for your domain, please consult your webhosting provider or your control panel's manual.

You can check if you added your SPF records in the correct manner by using the website

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