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English (USD)
1 GB annually
$23.50  annually
1,000 emails per month
2 GB annually
$39.50  annually
3,000 e-mails per month
6 GB annually
$85.00  annually
6,000 emails per month

Worldwide SMTP service

Send email without troubles!

Use Travel SMTP for reliable email delivery for personal and professional use.
Corporate email, mailings or newsletters, Travel SMTP offers you the best pricing and high quality email delivery. Try our service for free without any engagement; installation is easy and you will be up and running in just a few minutes!
  • Send email from anywhere in the world

  • No secondary email address needed, simply use your own private or business email address(es)

  • Use whatever email program you like

  • Works on all devices: smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops

  • Direct Inbox delivery

  • Your privacy is important to us: emails are always sent out securely in encrypted form (SSL/TLS) and your IP address stays hidden

  • Send email from hotels behind strictly configured firewalls

  • Never have to change your SMTP settings again, our service works flawless on any network (public (Wi-Fi) hotspots, 3g, etc.), or at home

  • No credit card required when creating your trial account