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No "On behalf of" in From fields

With some (free) smtp services, your emails might appear different than expected. For example if you use the email address, people who receive your email might see the following in the "From" field when they open your email:

From: on behalf of

Outlook and other email software will show this to the reader of your email because of a particular header part that is sometimes added in the email headers. This might not only be confusing for people who receive your email, it may also look unprofessional when you use a free smtp service for your professional company's email address.

With Travel SMTP as your smtp server for sending out emails, the emails you send will always show your real email address (whatever email address you have configured in your email software) and will never show "on behalf of", no matter what email software the receiver of your email uses.

For only $ 23.50 per year you can send thousands of emails per month, using your own email address and your own email software (so no webmail is needed).

You can use Travel SMTP in any email program (also on iPhone, iTouch, Android, etc.) and on any network. Even in situations where everything seems to be blocked (like in some countries or in hotels), we have a special configuration so you will always be able to send out email wherever you are.

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