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Generic WiFi hotspot outgoing mail server

Are you having problems sending email from WiFi hotspots?

Are you tired of constantly having to change your email settings or switching to secondary WebMail accounts when you are away from home?

With Travel SMTP as your outgoing mail server you never have to worry about problems sending email again. You simply use your own email address and your own email software like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, or any other email program and no external network will ever block you again from sending email.

Using Travel SMTP is easy: just change your SMTP server address in your email program and in a few steps you're up and running!

Reasons to choose Travel SMTP
  • You never have to change your email settings again, Travel SMTP simply works on every WiFi hotspot or any other network and in every country.

  • Travel SMTP is firewall-proof, it works in every hotel, airplane, restaurant, etc. As long as you can visit websites, you can also send email.

  • Use your own email software and your own email address, you no longer need a secondary WebMail account while working on remote locations.

Travel SMTP solves your email problems

Prices are as low as $23.50 per year.
See our pricing plans for more info.

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