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Emailing from your iPhone / SmartPhone with Travel SMTP

When connected to a different network (for example public WiFi spots), you can experience problems sending email using your own home outgoing mail server (smtp server) that was provided by your Internet Service Provider.

The reason for this is quite simpel: in order to fight spam, internet providers block traffic to their sending mail server that does not come from their own network. A simpel IP check tells them if the sender of the email is logged in to their own network or using an external network.

When you're away from home often and it is important for you to send email using your own email address and your own email software, Travel SMTP may be an option for you. Our authenticated smtp server lets you send out email on whatever network you're on. Wherever you are and with whatever email software you are using on your desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone, you can use Travel SMTP as your outgoing mail server and send out email with your own email address and your own email software (like Outlook, Macintosh Entourage, iPhone, iTouch, Android, just any email software out there).

Even in cases where everything seem to be blocked (like happens in hotels or some areas like China, Bali, Africa, etc.), you will no longer have problems sending out email. If you can visit websites, you can send out email! With Travel SMTP as your outgoing mail server you can always send email guaranteed, wherever you are.

­ Address: Port number: Encryption:
1. SSL connection: 465 SSL
2. TLS or plain connection: 587 STARTTLS or no encryption
3. TLS or plain connection: 2525 STARTTLS or no encryption
4. Firewall-proof (never gets blocked): 80 STARTTLS or no encryption
5. Firewall-proof (never gets blocked): 443 SSL

Prices depend on the amount of data sent, starting from only $ 23.50 per year you can already send 1,000 emails per month:

Account type: Family Small Business ­Medium Business Large Volume Plans
Emails send per month:   1,000 3,000 6,000 > 6,000
Annual price: $ 23.50­ $ 39.50 $ 85.00 ­
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