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How to solve problems with sending email while traveling


Why can't I send emails while traveling?

Why are emails not sending from my smartphone?

How do I send emails when I'm in a hotel?

How to send email when I'm behind a firewall?

Can I send email on mobile networks without WebMail?

Why are my emails stuck in Outlook?

How can I send email when I'm away from home?

Travel SMTP solves your email problems

Travel SMTP accepts email from ANY network and ANY location. No matter what email software you use, or if you use a desktop computer, a notebook, tablet or smartphone, your outgoing mail will never get stuck again!

100% success guaranteed!

Travel SMTP works in EVERY situation!

Travel SMTP always accepts your connection

Travel SMTP will always accept your emails, no matter where you are, from any location, any network, any country, any device and any email software.

Firewall-Proof setup

Travel SMTP has a very unique Firewall-proof feature: in addition to listening on default smtp ports, it also listens on port 80 and 443. These ports are normally used for standard internet traffic, like regular traffic to websites. When you use this setup, no firewall will stop you from sending email: if you can visit websites, you can send email! This is extremely useful in hotels, campsites, WiFi hotspots and in some areas like China, or any other network where only regular internet traffic is allowed to pass through.


No more need to constantly change your email settings on WIFI hotspots

With Travel SMTP configured in your email program, you never have to change your email settings ever again, no matter what network you are on, no matter if you use a smartphone, notebook, tablet or desktop.