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使用Travel SMTP非常简单。您可以从下面的用户手册中获取更多的信息:

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确认你需要以上功能么?那么就开始使用Travel SMTP吧:

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In order to use Travel SMTP, you will need to change your email software settings once and you're ready to go. Download detailed instructions for your specific email software here:

Tough email problem?

Under certain circumstances, even an authorised SMTP server is unable to send out your email. In some countries Internet providers are extremely strict and can nevertheless still give problems when sending email. If our offered smtp server does not function for you and you still cannot send email, do not hesitate to contact us right away. We solve the most unsolvable problems and guarantee that you will always be happily emailing. We have several fallback options available for the most difficult email problems.

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